The High Performance Body - Martin's Story

Martin's Story

Until age 25, Martin had a great but average life, worked a 9 to 5 in Switzerland, and enjoyed the freedom he had as an independent bachelor. But one day, after a long series of travel, he received a call from the other side of the planet that changed his entire life: “We’re going to have a baby!” And so, the journey to an uncertain and adventurous future began.

In this book, Martin opens up about everything he’s gone through; from his move to Brazil, the difficulties that came with a foreign culture and a language he didn’t speak, the challenging role as a father, the ongoing post-partum depression to the struggles of staying in shape when life gets overwhelming. Martin gives profound insights into his life and shares what he did to push through the darkest moments and eventually travel back to Switzerland three years later as a business owner, a family father, and with a physique better than ever before.    

The High Performance Body

The High Performance Body

To achieve great things in life, you’ve got to have a strong foundation! You need to be healthy, and you need to feel good in your body. Because if this is not given, you will a) not be able to perform at your best and b) not be able to sustain it and eventually burn out. This is exactly where The High Performance Body comes in, which is the foundation for long-lasting high performance. This book will teach you how to look and feel your best to perform at the top level and overcome any obstacle, no matter how rough life gets.

The High Performance Body
The High Performance Body: High Performance Nutrition

High Performance Nutrition

It’s not a secret that diet is the main factor that can get you into your best shape ever, and make you feel energized and increase your wellbeing. But unfortunately, diet and nutrition are often overcomplicated and all the heavily promoted diets are neither suitable nor sustainable for the average Joe. Tracking calories and sacrificing carbs might work, but honestly, why would you do that yourself when there is another way?
Martin developed a system that allows you to be flexible with your diet without counting calories and sacrificing carbs – yet you can still get amazing results, as he has repeatedly proven with his clients. In this book, you’ll find the same methods that lead Martin and his clients into top shape. The High Performance Body contains a step-by-step tutorial on building a diet template to build muscle, lose body, boost energy and improve your well-being.  

The High Performance Body: High Performance Workouts

High Performance Workouts

Working out is an important ingredient to building a great physique. However, there is much more to it than just building muscle and losing body fat. Exercising will also help you move better, be more functional and deal better with stressful life situations. Not every workout suits everyone. Often, people focus on the wrong modality and damage their metabolism rather than building it up. The High Performance Body will teach you what types of workouts are good for you and how you should structure your workouts. Whether your goal is to build muscle mass, lose body fat, or simply increase your energy, The High Performance Body lays out the most efficient way to get there!

The High Performance Body: High Performance Workouts
The High Performance Body: High Performance Habits

High Performance Habits

“We are what we repeatedly do” is how the saying goes. So we better make sure that we do great things frequently. The High Performance Body will teach you how to set up a morning routine, get the full potential of every day, perform well, and achieve great things. The book covers everything from building a morning routine over dealing with stress to what you can do to stay on top of the game. One chapter is all about building healthy habits and leveling up your mindset – the missing piece that many fitness and health books miss but is critical for success. 

If You Want To Look Better, Feel Better And Have More Energy So You Can Achieve Great Things In Life, Then This Book Is A MUST READ!

The Practical Guide To Look And Feel Good

The High Performance Body: Martin Blättler

Martin Blättler

Martin is an experienced online fitness coach born in Switzerland. He is a
business owner, father, and author who travels the world. After living on four
continents, he has got to know various cultures and learned life lessons that
nobody else has.
He’s always seeking to become the best version of himself and over the past
eight years, he has been helping hundreds of people do the same. CEOs,
bankers, and coaches; all have trusted him and The High Performance Body to
improve their physical and mental health.

This book has helped hundreds of disoriented people looking to improve their
life. Their frustration has ceased. Yours can do so too!

Trusted by self improvement enthusiasts just like you, the high performance body journal has been designed to help you live the life you want to live.

"Martin's journal not only helped to be more productive, but also held me accountable and kept me going on my fitness journey. I got into my best shape ever at age 45 and I give Martin's coaching as well as this journal credits for that."
Franz Ruchti
Author & Sales Manager
"I've going through a tough time at the moment, but thanks to this journal I keep my mental health in check. I recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their life!"

"The high performance body journal helps me to stay grounded and not get worried about things I don’t need to be worried about. I've only been journaling for a few months, but I can definitely feel its benefits already!"
Dave Gysel
Team Leader for Roche Diagnostics International

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